Community Festival – Review

Last weekend I packed my bags and began the journey down to London to attend the debut of Community Festival at Finsbury Park. After several trains, a quick lunch and a rushed walk I arrived just in time to catch The Hunna on the main stage and was happily surprised to find that for a … Continue reading Community Festival – Review


2017 So Far: Album Round-Up

We’ve now passed the halfway mark of 2017, which means, statistically – assuming good albums are released at a uniform rate (maths degree here) – that 50% of your end-of-year album list has already been released. 5 of your 10, 10 of your 20, 25 of your 50, floating around in the open, possibly yet unbeknownst to you.

Tyler, The Creator : Surprise Releases

Following yesterdays surprise release of Who Dat boy, Tyler has just today released another new two track video : 911/Mr.Lonely.  Who Dat Boy is another of Tylers darker, heavier tracks and also features fellow rapper A$AP Rocky. The video is sick and even includes a reference to 2001-A space odyssey’s HAL. The video closes by … Continue reading Tyler, The Creator : Surprise Releases

RUN – Foo Fighters Surprise Release

Foo Fighters have taken everyone by surprise releasing a new song Run. Along with a typical Foos video of the band styled as pensioners running riot in a retirement home to accompany it. It’s the perfect song for them to release after a relative silence since 2014’s Sonic Highways. The intro opens up in standard Foo … Continue reading RUN – Foo Fighters Surprise Release

Community festival – Preview 

Community festival is a brand new one day event at the iconic Finsbury park, a site that has hosted some of the best musical talent this little island has ever seen. Bands like Arctic Monkeys, Oasis and the Stone Roses have all performed at this legendary venue and on the 1st of July Community fest … Continue reading Community festival – Preview 

B Traits – New Label and New(ish) E.P’s

I’ve been wanting to write this article for so long now but unfortunately it’s been deadline season and this is the first spare moment I’ve had, so apologies that this is slightly behind the times, but it’s still great music so without further excuses lets move on. Last October Radio 1 DJ  Brianna Price AKA … Continue reading B Traits – New Label and New(ish) E.P’s